We offer artists a possibility to reach a larger audience by participating in our group exhibitions which we organize all over Europe. What we do is...

Side by Side

One week exhibition in Sigtuna summer town. You can choose a week from Saturday to Friday between 29 June and 28 July 2019 with a festive opening on a Saturda...

Over & Under Ground

Mannaminne Häggvik Nordingrå 148 days in a subway? Surely this would be a nightmere and to be able to survive, your mind would have to concentrate on sceneries...

One week duo or solo exhibition in...

Galleri Upsala 1810 Svartbäcksgatan 21 753 32 Uppsala Sweden Festive opening 9 June 2018  12 - 18 In the heart of Uppsala, among small boutiques, coffee shops and...

Elisabet Linna Persson On Board

Elisabet Linna Persson is a visual artist in Luleå and works with painting, graphics, enamel and glass: ´I am always open to new techniques and challenges  .....

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