What we do

We offer artists a possibility to reach a larger audience by participating in our group exhibitions which we organize all over Europe. What we do is...

  • We search for interesting venues for exhibitions.
  • We transport the artwork to the gallery.
  • We set up the exhibition.
  • We provide space in a print rack for displaying extra artwork without cost.
  • We have pedestals for sculptures.
  • We supply invitation cards/posters and provide a small catalogue/triptych in .pdf format
  • We advertise in local media.
  • We organize the festive opening of the exhibition.
  • We publish the names of participating artists and photos of their artwork on our website.
  • We report about the exhibition by publishing photos and media articles on our website.
  • We welcome the visitors and inform them about the artists and their work.
  • We handle the selling of the artwork.
  • We make sure that the artwork and any income from the sale comes back to the artists.
  • We provide share possibilities with logo and embed code for you to link from us to your website.
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