Lena Wahlstedt 'Stråk av färg' Solo exhibition at Gallery Upsala 1810, Uppsala, Sweden

15 Sep 2018 - 20 Sep 2018

Festive opening Saturday 15 September 2018 12:00


Long festive opening 12 - 21 hrs!

Galleri Upsala 1810
Svartbäcksgatan 21
753 32 Uppsala


Painting and drawing are my main techniques, but I like to work in mixed materials with chalk, spray, templates and textiles. Colour is what  comes first - when I find the nuances, the contrasts, the luminosity, then I also find the shapes. The political '68 affected me in different directions and made me falter before I stood steadily at the easel.  Nowadays, I think that each theme, each artwork, each intention requires its expression, its image, - the color, shape, and content.
Lena Wahlstedt
February 2018

Past Artnetco shows at Galleri Upsala 1810: Duo exhibition Lena Ehn & Lisa Leander Ahlgren "Teamwork"        Group exhibition "Together in Uppsala"    Solo exhibition Kenneth Engblom "Duo Curriculum Vitae

artnetco participation:

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