Carin Hedlund


Carin Hedlund Sweden (SE)

Carin Hedlund has exhibited a total of 6 artworks at 2 exhibitions organized by all over Europe.

My name is Carin Hedlund and I was born in Kramfors, Sweden. Moved to Umeå after high school for studies at the University and it has been my workplace until I retired this spring. I live with my family in Täfteå, a small and old fisher village north of Umeå. In the summer of 2005, we bought an old house in Orsta Nordingrå, in the middle of the beautiful and hilly High Coast. There I have a studio in a small stable and arrange exhibitions every summer.

I have been painting all my life, some times more or less. Since my four children left home my painting have been more and more important. I am inspired by the nature around me and the beauty in the small things in our life. I often hear that my pictures have a ’Feel Good’ feeling. I am autodidact.


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