Over & Under Ground

07 Jun 2019 - 29 Sep 2019 - The exhibition is open for the public.
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Festive opening Friday 07 June 2019 14:00


See the Mannaminne web site.

The exhibition is part of the NORDINGRÅ KONSTRUNDA  7 - 9 june 2019

Häggvik 109
87030 Nordingrå

148 days in a subway? Surely this would be a nightmere and to be able to survive, your mind would have to concentrate on sceneries and life above ground. The artist's task at hand in this exhibition is to show the dark side or the bright side of the journey. Or why not - one from hell and one from heaven!

For many summers in a row now we have shown art in the buildings and vehicles of the Mannaminne Open-air Museum. Last summer we were offered the unique opportunity to make an exhibition inside a subway car which stands here. It is not just any subway car, it is the notorious Silverpilen (Silver Arrow), Stockholm's driverless subway car. It no longer haunts the capital's  tunnels frightening nocturnal travellers and stopping at the never-completed station Kymlinge to let off the dead, but has found a resting place here in Ångermanland, in the North of Sweden.

C5 "Silverpilen": Hägglund, ASJ 1963 - 1965 (8 cars built), subway car with numbers 2901-2908, gauge (mm) 1435, length (mm) 17620, width (mm) 2780, weight (kg) 20000, axel arrangement Bo´Bo, wheel diameter (mm) 864, type of motor 650 Volts DC (powerrail), max speed (km/h) 80, number of passengers 48 seated + ?? standing.    
Information: Svenska Spårvägssällskapet

Past show:
Stockholm, stockholmare & nollåttor

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