Stuff - Erika van Vulpen

29 Jun 2019 - 05 Jul 2019


12 - 18

Sigtuna Kulturgård
Stora Nygatan 1
19330 Sigtuna

Stuff - Installations and one or two paintings.

Work in progress, that's what happens in my brain right now. I know that I have an exhibition in Sigtuna Kulturgård which opens on June 29, 2019. By then I must have thought it through and know exactly how I want to do. At present, a few works are finished, some will be done on site, some will you as visitors play a role in.
Some things, however, I have decided.
What material I should use. I love going to flea markets and have collected so many things that I would need one more apartment to create a minimalist home. The objects are very different in character, but one could say that I actually collect structures, light shifts, colours, shapes and unknown stories. I have a hard time getting rid of many things because I want to do a project with them sometime. In June sometime will become reality and the project will finally happen.
I have also decided that I want to "destroy" the objects as little as possible. Working with recycling in one way or another is fashionable, there are many who do it. In some of these cases, the original item is changed to the extent that it cannot be restored to the original. I want to redo objects without having to make permanent changes.
Last but not least, I have decided that I wish to make an exhibition that concerns. I would want that as an audience you will have an opinion about it, whatever, anything. I hope the exhibition gives something to talk about - with your beloved ones, with me or with someone else, a stranger maybe.

I will be there. Hope to see you.
Erika van Vulpen
April 9, 2019

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