Kristin Dijkman "Movement and Moods" - Solo Exhibition at Kunstisalong Allee in Tallinn

03 Sep 2015 - 23 Sep 2015

Festive opening Thursday 03 September 2015 18:00

Festive opening with the presence of the Norwegian ambassador Dagfinn Sørli

About Kristin Irén Dijkman

Our generation, the generation born after the Second World War, was the first to reflect on the values of the consumerism. It has been the generation that led individuals to reflect on what is important in human life, what has permanent value, what is object not of consumption but for careful and studied use, what has moral and existential values but also what has real economic values that endure over time.

Even the art has been involved by this movement and the artists you see today, such as Kristin Irén Dijkman, are returning to the discovery of art as an expression of quality and technique, as a value that remains from generation to generation, and not just as a complement to furniture and design, subject to the fashions of the time. Kristin is very able to express the personality of the people in her portraits, an unusual gift also for famous portraitist, often attentive to physiognomic details but not to the individual personality, as result of a human and existential process. The portraits of Kristin comprise the high quality, because they describe to the future generations, certainly not the physical character of the person, but the story behind the person, his emotions, his joys and melancholy.

That's why the artworks of Kristin are artworks for posterity, artworks in which to invest, artworks intended for the future people, as it should always be for quality art.

My mission statement:

Recognition is an important need that lies deep within us humans. Even infants are able to recognize their mother's face and signal this recognition with facial expressions and body language.I choose to express myself figuratively, so my audience may experience the touch of recognition. All of my life I have been fascinated by how the great masters painted. For me it is natural to learn from them and build on that knowledge.
I choose to convey themes that invites to reflection. The topics I choose in my art are given to me by life itself. Through imparting what is perceived, it is easier to touch others.

I paint people's character and inner qualities, conveying the material they are made of, finding the characteristics of the persons and showing what their expressions and moods tells me. I become like a mirror to my subject, but what I paint is also a mirror for those who watch and are touched.

I have always worked with art and culture. I started early with drawing, writing plays, standing on stage, singing and playing piano. I chose an academic education as a musician and educator and worked with both for many years. Later painting became my main means of expression. I also work with sculptures in soapstone, write short stories, and I give lectures on topics that are important to me.

artnetco participation:

  • Kristin Dijkman "Thirteenth floor" - Solo exhibition i Kista Science Tower, Stockholm
  • Different but Together in Vilnius


Norwegian Association of Independent Artists

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