Frang Dushaj 'More Memories in Black & White' - Solo exhibition at Mannaminne, Höga Kusten, Sweden

07 May 2016 - 25 Sep 2016

Festive opening Saturday 07 May 2016 12:00

Frang Dushaj is back with more memories in black & white.

The exhibition is also part of the NORDINGRÅ KONSTRUNDA 13 - 15 May 2016

This summer our four exhibitions at Mannaminne are - 'Good Old Memories' in Önlogen, 'Memories from Estonia' in the Estonian House, 'More Memories in Black and White' and  'Flashbacks' in the restaurant.

artnetco participation:

  • Frang Dushaj on the "Twelfth Floor" - Solo Exhibition in Kista Science Tower, Stockholm
  • Under medieval vaults at Kunstisalong Allee, Tallinn, Estonia
  • "Longing for Freedom" in Oxford Castle Gallery, Oxford
  • "First Encounter" Sweden - Estonia - France ... at Gallery Tersaeus, Hornsgatspuckeln, Stockholm, Sweden
  • "Second Encounter" Estonia - Sweden, Edward Wilde Museum, Kastellaanimaja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
  • In the Heat at Antica Fornace Grazia, Deruta, Umbria, Italy
  • Landscape (inside and all around me) in Sigtuna Kulturgård
  • "Third Encounter" Sweden - Estonia, Winter 2014 in NK-villa, Nyköping
  • Frang Dushaj "Memories in Black and White" - Solo exhibition at Mannaminne, Höga Kusten, Sweden
  • Different but Together in Budapest


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