Ahti Seppet


Ahti Seppet Estonia (EE)

Ahti Seppet has exhibited a total of 4 artworks at 2 exhibitions organized by artnetco.eu all over Europe.

AHTI SEPPET was born in 1953. Graduated Tartu Art School in 1973 (specialized on artistic wood-figuration). During studing law at Tartu University took part in art-cabinet works in 1978-1979. Worked at Tartu Children's Art School as a teacher and an assistant headmaster. Member of Estonian Artist's Union, member of the group "Para". Favourite materials in sculputure: bronze, aluminum, ceramics, wood; lately also paper.

Seppet started his artist's carreer as painter. Since 1983 he has made sculptures, later also pieces of graphic art and jewelry. Ahti Seppet has been the initiator and organizer of the Estonian exhibitions of mini sculpture. Seppet designed the set for the performance "Night of Souls" for theatre "Vanemuine" in Tartu.

As an artist, Ahti Seppet is - as strange as it may seem - very social. This is caused by the time and the place he is living in. Living in a splintered world inevitably produces splintered art. It may be said that Seppet uses mixed techniques, that he uses too many different materials (plaster, bronze, wood, stone, paper) and tries to cover too many different themes. But, the lives of all of us that have survived have only been a store of broken pieces of a mirror. We were born into the ruins and there we started to look for things to build a new world for ourselves. There is nothing condemnable in that. The material will always be only the material. The artist turns it to art.


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