Fourth Encounter "Right in the Bullseye", Art Museum of Tartu University, Estonia

05 Nov 2015 - 19 Nov 2015

Festive opening Thursday 05 November 2015 17:00

Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia, often considered the intellectual centre of the country, especially since it is home to the nation's oldest and most renowned university.  This university was founded in 1632 by Gustavus II Adolphus during the Swedish rule.

The Art Museum, which is the oldest museum in Estonia, was founded in 1803 and was filled with objects to illustrate lectures and develop the artistic taste of the students. Later on it specialised in collecting plaster moulds of the best works of antique art. The Pompeian style murals on the walls originate from 1868 when the Art Museum moved to the left wing of the Main Building of Tartu University.

Coinciding with the time of our exhibition the University of Tartu is celebrating this year its founder, Gustavus II Adolphus, with a festive event in the very same premises of the museum.

Participating artworks:

Tartu Ülikool

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