Lena Ehn


Lena Ehn Sweden (SE)

Lena Ehn has exhibited a total of 37 artworks at 4 exhibitions organized by artnetco.eu all over Europe.

To paint is to be in constant development. It gives me joy, peace and energy. I have always had color and form as a basis in my life. This is where I am at my best. In my painting I focus whole-heartedly on color and form. In my oils I use powerful brush strokes, or even better, the palette knife that gives deepness and structure. I also paint with water colors. A nice soft painting technique in a small format. Some of these “aquarelles” I work further on, cut and crop and print in small series in a technique called Giclée.

I am intrigued by the abstract. Pictures that are clear and detailed are quite uninteresting. My paintings must give room to free associations and personal feelings. There is nothing that is right or wrong. No musts, no finger pointing. Just an enormous feeling of freedom.

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