Ana Maria Lorenzen

ana maria-lorenzen

Ana Maria Lorenzen Chile (CL)

Ana Maria Lorenzen has exhibited a total of 12 artworks at 6 exhibitions organized by all over Europe.

A painting lives its own life, different from the life it is given when made. I would like those who contemplate my pictures to go through a transformation of their minds, or that they feel the joy or the spirituality I have transmitted to them. I would like them to move to a state of mystic contemplation, that they can remember or see the beauty of the colour of the sea, the lakes, the sky or a piece of a landscape.

I would like them to experience a deeper, more intense reality. I belong to a generation of people who let themselves be swept along by their their instincts and who work under orders from the unconscious. I believe this is a way of liberating myself and that it makes me independent of established rules. I do what I want to do, without worrying about trends or fashion. I create my art and just want people to enjoy it, to rejoice and to feel with what I put before them.

I love nature, the sea, love and sadness, I gratefully accept every detail that every day brings me, every corner on the street, every tree in the countryside, every place in the world. Sometimes my pictures are a mystery to me. I have created them, and, just like children, they keep surprising me with something new that appears as they mature day by day. I hope they would be well received. I have given them the best I can give right now.

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