Different but Together in Vilnius

03 Apr 2017 - 27 Apr 2017

Festive opening Monday 03 April 2017 18:30

Artnetco is honoured to hold our April 2017 exhibition in the most representative building in Vilnius, Lithuania - Vilniaus Rotušė (Town Hall). Here we have the possibility to show large paintings and even sculptures.

The Town Hall is an historical town hall in the square with the same name in the Old Town of Vilnius. It has been the centre of social and cultural life of Vilnius since 1387 when Lithuania became a Christian state and Vilnius was granted Magdeburg rights. There appeared a need for the headquarters for the city authorities and as the main square of the city was the natutral place for that.

The first building of the Town Hall, mentioned in 1432, was a Gothic-style building. Inside there were rooms for the sessions of the city councillors, courtrooms,  a treasury, archives, premises for measuring supplies of corn, an arms and ammunition warehouse and prison cells in the basement. In the course of history the city was devastated by numerous fires and the citizens sought to decorate and improve the main symbol of self-government by rebuilding and repairing the Town Hall.
The fire of 1749 severely damaged the Town Hall and the architect J. Ch. Glaubitz was assigned to rebuild it. The work was finished in 1769. However, 10 years later, the tower of the City Hall started to lean due to weak foundations and finally collapsed. Architect Laurynas Gucevičius was assigned to rebuild the Town Hall. The construction was finished in 1799 in neoclassical style.

In the 19th century the Town Hall was transformed into a city theatre.  After that the building was abandoned.  In the years 1936 through 1939, Vilnius Town Hall was restored according to the project of architect S. Narembskis.  The restoration of the interior sought to follow the styles of the second half of the 18th century. The granite staircase was added in the central part of the building, the Gothic-style cellars were conserved. The Town Hall was planned to be used for  representation purposes of the City. However, with the start of World War II, the plans were discarded. After the war, from 1944 to 1995,  the Lithuanian Art Museum was housed in the Town Hall.
Presently, this is where the Mayor of Vilnius holds his receptions  and welcomes foreign state officials (including George Bush and Queen Elisabeth II) and where both cultural performances and business meetings take place. Vilnius Town Hall is used for protocol events of the City – ceremonies of giving awards, bonuses, titles of honour by Vilnius City Municipality, celebration of public holidays, conferences, seminars and other events of public institutions.

Over 300 cultural, communal and educational events a year are held at the City Hall - concerts, literary evenings, presentations of new publications, art and photo exhibitions, festivals, gatherings of national communities, lectures, discussions, events of social organizations), events for students, schoolchildren, disabled persons, scouts and others. The pediment of the Town Hall is adorned with the coat-of-arms of the city of Vilnius - St Christopher carrying infant Jesus on his shoulders.

Participating artworks:

Mannaminnes vänner SK KFA New Orleansfestivalen Vilnius Town Hall Norwegian Association of Independent Artists

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