Anne de Suède

anne-de suède

Anne de Suède Sweden (SE)

Anne de Suède has exhibited a total of 1 artworks at 2 exhibitions organized by all over Europe.

Far away  from any ideas of right or wrong, is the field where I meet the observer.

On the verge of imaginary and reality, the concept of my art is developed. Oil, tempera, acrylics, markers, collages and sculptures, the chosen technique of each project is thoroughly researched to add the correct emotional state to the piece. Studies are always started in the subconscious, and from there I work my way up until form and color, that portraits the concept to the viewer in an abstract way, are found. Vibrant colors are used in elongated, flowing shapes on either open flat or uneven plexiglassed textures with a contrasted, dramatic tone.

The end goal of my concepts are to ask questions that inspires the viewer to scratch on the surface and  seek in his own individuality. Topics are drawn from existential observations made through travelling, conversation, reflection and readings. Especially philosophic topics, which is studied on an academic level to reach explanations of words, theory, traditions, religion and morality.


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