Kristin Irén Dijkman

kristin irén-dijkman

Kristin Irén Dijkman Norway (NO)

Kristin Irén Dijkman has exhibited a total of 51 artworks at 3 exhibitions organized by all over Europe.

Kristin Irén Dijkman believes that people in our modern day and age need to experience some form of positivity on a regular basis to counteract stress and other negative effects from environment and media. She wishes to give her audience positive experiences of recognition and authenticity. This through the viewing of her figurative art where she portrays authentic human feelings and character, where high quality is one of her requirements. She believes that when we identify ourselves with something beautiful and authentic, we increase the understanding of our self, which may lead to an increased sense of tolerance and empathy for our fellow human beings.

She paints people expressing their character, revealing their inner qualities and the material they are made of. She looks for what their expressions and moods are telling. In so doing, she acts like a mirror to the person she paints, but the painting
also becomes a mirror for those who see it and are affected.

Recognition is a vital need that lies deep within all of us. Even an infant has the ability to recognize its mother's face and show recognition with its facial expression and body language. She chooses to express herself classically figurative, so her audience can experience the touch of recognition. She has always worked with art and culture and started early on drawing, writing plays, performing, singing and playing piano. She chose an academic education as a musician and worked as a pianist and educator for many years. Eventually, painting became her main form of expression She also works with sculptures in soapstone, writes short stories, fairy-tales and gives lectures on subjects that she finds important.

She has studied art with several renowned artists. The three who have meant the most to her are the artists Per T. Lundgren, Jan-Ove Tuv and Jan Valentin Saether (formerly Professor of figurative art at the Art Academy in Oslo). She has also studied art at the academy of Järna in Sweden.

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