Kenneth Engblom 'The Last Exhibition' - Solo exhibition at Kunstisalong Allee, Tallinn

02 Dec 2016 - 16 Dec 2016

Festive closing on 16 December 2016

It is with sadness, but also with honour, artnetco make this last exhibition at Kunstisalong Allee before its closure. After 15 years of dedicated work on the Estonian culture scene Juhan Kohal, owner of Kunstisalong Allee, has decided to change his daily tasks. It is with curiosity we wonder what he will do in the future.

This last exhibition is number eight of events that has organized under these medieval vaults.
We thank the following artists for participating in our odyssey: Lasse Alexandersson, Åsa Bujon, Naemi Bure, Bengt Croneby, Kristin Irén Dijkman, Frang Dushaj, Carl-Axel Engstad, Lars Eriksson, Bengt-Göran Eriksson, Sigfrid Grimma, Kickie Högström, Marita Hörk Suomalainen, Mari Koort, Dieter Kunz, Elisabet Linna Persson, Anita Magnusson, Imbi Rahumaa, Lill Sjöström, ChrisTia Sörensen & Gerald Steffe.

Kenneth & Rita

artnetco participation:

  • "Memories" at Mannaminne, Nordingrå, Sweden
  • Under medieval vaults at Kunstisalong Allee, Tallinn, Estonia
  • "As Time Goes By" at Wittenstein Time Center, Paide, Estonia
  • "Tower Power" Wittenstein Time Center in Paide, Estonia
  • "First Encounter" Sweden - Estonia - France ... at Gallery Tersaeus, Hornsgatspuckeln, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Landscape (inside and all around me) in Sigtuna Kulturgård
  • "Twelfth Floor" - Kenneth Engblom - Solo Exhibition in Kista Science Tower, Stockholm
  • In the Heat at Antica Fornace Grazia, Deruta, Umbria, Italy
  • "Connected" in Valssaamo, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
  • "My Estonia" Kenneth Engblom - Solo Exhibition at Mannaminne, Nordingrå, Sweden
  • Kenneth Engblom on the "Twelfth Floor" - Solo Exhibition in KST. Stockholm
  • Kenneth Engblom on the "Twelfth Floor" - Solo Exhibition in KST. Stockholm
  • Fourth Encounter "Right in the Bullseye", Art Museum of Tartu University, Estonia
  • Memories from Estonia
  • Good Old Memories
  • Different but Together in Budapest
  • Different but Together in Vilnius
  • Memories 2017
  • Stockholm, stockholmare och nollåttor
  • Memories 2018
  • Kenneth Engblom - Duo Curriculum Vitae
  • Hommage à Hokusai
  • "Second Encounter" Estonia - Sweden, Edward Wilde Museum, Kastellaanimaja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Different but Together in Tallinn
  • Over & Under Ground
  • Tillsammans i Sigtuna
  • North Meets South lll


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