Memories 2019

07 Jun 2019 - 29 Sep 2019 - The exhibition is open for the public.
Group Full

Festive opening Friday 07 June 2019 14:00



Häggvik 109
87030 Nordingrå

The exhibition takes place from 7 June until 29 September and is part of the Nordingrå Konstrunda (7-9 June 2019)

This time we have at our disposal the Art Museum, the house from Estonia, the first tramm in Tallinn, the tram from Norrköping and the subway car 'Silverpilen'. In the trams we hang the art so that it can be viewed from outside and as to the subway car the visitors have to enter to see the artwork on display inside.

The museums at Mannaminne:
Coast Museum, Art Museum, Accordion House, Agriculture Museum, Norwegian House, Technical Museum, World Heritage Museum, Globe House, the fantastic Bureaucracy Museum of Bo Anders Öberg and trams, locomotives, cars, boats etc...

Past shows: "Memories", Frang Dushaj - "Memories in Black and White", Kenneth Engblom - "My Estonia", "Flashbacks", Memories from Estonia", "Good Old Memories", Frang Dushaj - "More Memories in Black and White""Memories 2017"  "Stockholm, stockholmare och nollåttor" "Memories 2018" "Cecilia Ciscar On Board"

Thank you for your participation in previous exhibitions (2015-2018) and helping to preserve our national heritage at Mannaminne:
Anna Afzelius-Alm, Ingrid Aili, Astrid Andersson, Naemi Bure, Susanne Cederlund, Cecilia Ciscar, Carmelo Compare, Anne de Suède, Ingrid Draminsky, Frang Dushaj, Ulrich Eberling, Kenneth Engblom, Carl-Axel Engstad, Bertil Eriksson, Lars Eriksson, Maria Fatjó Parés, Kjell Fogborn, Lena Frykholm, Valentin Gallego Gallardo, Kristiina Gilts Stenhardt, Giuseppe Giudici, Toni Graalheim, Göran Gustavsson, Christine Halloff, Irene Hansson, Stefan Havadi Nagy, Mari Haavel, Inga Heamägi,  Carin Hedlund, Christina Hedlund, Ruth Herrlin, Marie Hertzberg, Stefan Holgersson, Anders Hägglund, Kickie Högström , Marita Hörk Suomalainen, Catharina J. Berg, Lars J:son Nuti, Zlata Jaanimägi, Rene Kari, Markus Kasemaa, Bestoon Khursid, Jelena Kimsdotter, Kia Kinell, Mari Koort, Dieter Kunz, Terry LeBlanc, Ana Maria Lorenzen, Gunilla Luiga, Susanna Lysén Åberg, Anita Magnusson, Carl Emanuel Mark, Rein Meresaar, Sirpa Mettiäinen, Britta Michaelis, Orsi Mild, Manuel Murua, Berit Norrbelius Lindberg, Eva Olofsson, Mirtha Osorio, Katrin Pere, Pepe Perera, Jaak Poom, Lillian Roos Ahlforn, Cristina del Rosso, Lill Sjöström, Kajsa Stamenkovic, Sofia Toborg, Merike Sule Trubert, Nasrin Taghizadeh, Katrina Thollander, Lea Vaher Lundin, Lenna Vasur, Lena Wahlstedt, Lena Wallin, Josefine Walther, Anna Karin Wetzig

  • Mannaminne - Anders Åberg
  • Maria Eriksson - Se det snöar...

Participating artworks:

Mannaminne Shop ilife New Orleansfestivalen


Open call

Selection for the art exhibition is open We go through the applications and continuously accept artists whose work matches the criteria we are aiming for. Please note that we do not specify the last date for applications!


We stop accepting applications as the event is full.

Being planned

At this stage the artist can fill in a form to be the first to get detailed information about participating in the exhibition when the rules and regulations are ready. We publish the event on our website well in advance giving the artist plenty of time to prepare for it, especially when there is a theme to it.

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