Good Old Memories

07 May 2016 - 25 Sep 2016

Festive opening Saturday 07 May 2016 12:00

Good Old Memories in a big scale at the right place: Önlogen at Mannaminne!
The exhibition is also part of the NORDINGRÅ KONSTRUNDA 13 - 15 May 2016

This summer our four exhibitions at Mannaminne are - 'Good Old Memories' in Önlogen, 'Memories from Estonia' in the Estonian House, 'More Memories in Black and White' and  'Flashbacks' in the restaurant. 

Artist Anders Åberg began to build Mannaminne (Living memory) in 1980 on a wooded site in Nordingrå, an attempt to bring in the world, to make it a  meeting place for ideas and dreams, a place for memories. Together with his wife Barbro, friends and a team of carpenters, he has created and developed Mannaminne, which today consists of more than 60 buildings of cultural and historical value. Some are built on the spot, others have been moved here from near and far - among others a Hungarian farmhouse, a Norwegian stave church, an Estonian house from Viljandi, a Chinese pavilion. Most buildings have an extensive artistic decoration and many are used for permanent or temporary exhibitions. Works of art are also placed outdoors. Along with collected items such as boats, trams, cars, planes and much more, this is an absolutely unique collection of art and history that amazes.
Anders Åberg is perhaps Sweden's most prolific artist in terms of public art. His three-dimensional artworks of houses and factories adorn hospitals and libraries all over Sweden, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport has his sculptures, Solna metro station boasts his wonderful underground art with motives from Northern Sweden.

Participating artworks:

SK Mannaminnes vänner KFA New Orleansfestivalen

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