"Longing for Freedom" in Oxford Castle Gallery, Oxford

27 Aug 2013 - 01 Sep 2013

"The essense of liberty has always lain in the ability to choose as you wish to choose, because you wish so to choose, uncoerced, unbullied, not swallowed up in some vast system; and in the right to resist, to be unpopular, to stand up for your convictions merely because they are your convictions. That is true freedom, and without it there is neither freedom of any kind, nor even the illusion of it"
Isaiah Berlin, "Freedom and its Betrayal", 1952

Oxford Castle is a large, partly ruined Norman medieval castle situated on the west edge of Oxford. The original moated, wooden motte and bailey ca...

"As Time Goes By" at Wittenstein Time Center, Paide, Estonia

14 May 2013 - 08 Sep 2013

In 1265 the Livonian Order built a powerful tower in Paide, named Tall Hermann, later Vallitorn. During wars the tower was repeatedly damaged. In 1941 it was blown up by the retreating Soviet troops. The tower was finally restored to its former glory and opened to the public in 1993 for the 700th anniversary of Paide. The 30 m high tower is the symbol of the town and has been used in Paide's coat of arms since 1441.
The Wittenstein Town Centre located in the Vallitorn opened its doors to visitors two years ago and last year it was declared "The most attractive tourism project of the year." ...

Under medieval vaults at Kunstisalong Allee, Tallinn, Estonia

29 Apr 2013 - 14 May 2013

Juhan Kohal, the owner of the gallery, is a genuine art lover, specialized in mainly Estonian art. Under his supervision this medieval house was lovingly restored and in 2010 awarded a prize for the careful restoration of its interior. Among other discoveries, a ceiling with hidden paintings was revealed. 
Our group exhibition of Swedish artists was intimate and exclusive, in harmony with these ancient walls.

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